Piotr's apartment

a modern apartment for a single person working remotely
Location: Bemowo, Warsaw
comprehensive project with supervision, realization in progress

The whole apartment is dominated by minimalist black and white color with additions of wood, terrazzo tiles and accents of gray and navy blue. The living room is separated from the kitchenette by a table and a kitchen island, which was emphasized by a strip of paint on the wall. In the bedroom, I managed to combine the impression of a bright interior with the use of a graphite bed frame, black minimalist lighting fixtures and a spacious navy blue wardrobe.

The real challenge was to design the unusual layout of the bathroom, with numerous technical installation issues. I suggested using a recess in the room for a toilet and an asymmetric bathtub with a screen on the shorter side of the bathroom. Black fittings, a screen and lighting fixtures contrast with the white vertical wall tiles and the countertop, under which there is a place for a washing machine.