Joanna Lemka-Wójcik

Architect by education and vocation, passionate about the real estate market. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology (2018). Her Master’s thesis received the award of the Minister of Investment and Development.

I am the founder of jlw studio. I gained my experience working in design offices in Warsaw, as well as with developers (Skanska Property Poland) and institutional investors (University of Warsaw).

Bringing out the potential of your apartment is my mission and passion. I can see the potential in any interior. I love ultra-functional and timeless solutions. I feel comfortable designing in Scandinavian, modern vintage and loft style. I like color and I’m not afraid to use it.

I always recognize the investor’s needs in detail in order to create an interior tailored to individual aesthetic preferences, lifestyle and budget.

Privately, I am the wife of an engineer (with whom I sometimes consult installation issues on projects), mother of Maximillian, passionate about cycling, photography and good coffee.

An individual approach, clearly defined principles of cooperation, design efficiency as well as professional aesthetic and technical advice are strong distinguishing features of jlw studio and are reflected in the positive opinions of the satisfied customers.

Let me invite you to cooperation.

Why is it worth choosing to cooperate with jlw studio?

Perfect knowledge of both English and the local market – I have lived in Warsaw for 10 years and on the one hand I know the local market very well – stores with finishing materials, showrooms, contractors, carpenters. I know the local prices for both construction materials and real estate. On the other hand, I speak English fluently, so it will not be a problem for me if our cooperation on the project is conducted in English.


I know that you do not have time or desire to spend the next 10 weekends walking around furniture showrooms and choosing lamps that match the carpet;) Also, you might not feel comfortable discussing any doubts or technical details with people not necessarily knowing English. Therefore, already at the concept stage, you will get from me a detailed list of the proposed products - in a consistent style and tailored to your budget. Thus, you will save a lot of time and get an interior thought out by a professional.

Design methodology

before the kick-off meeting, I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire illustrated with examples, that will give me a good understanding of your expectations. I will ask you about your functional/aesthetic preferences and budget objectives. With this knowledge, I will be able to design an interior perfectly suited to your needs, hobbies, color and material preferences. The next stages of the project and the entire cooperation are arranged in a coherent, thoughtful way - so as to give you time to think about key decisions and at the same time not take up more of your time than necessary.


I am not exclusively associated with any furniture or lighting brand. I do not buy any products on behalf of the Client to further resell them at a higher price. I always choose products that are best-suited to the project, budget and individual needs, with no objective to earn a commission.

Investor's mindset

I've always been interested in the real estate market. In my life, I have rented apartments from someone as well as to someone else, I also happened to prepare a flat for rent and for a photo session. I know the expectations of tenants and I am happy to cooperate with real estate investors.


I realistically estimate the timescale of the project so that I can hand it over to you on the day of the agreed deadline at the latest, and often even earlier.


all previous collaborations have been positively assessed by my clients, as evidenced by the opinions written by them