I create both comprehensive interior designs and schematic functional plans for the needs of tenant changes. I also do concepts for the reconstruction of houses or apartments as well as analyzes of investment properties.

Each offer is prepared individually so that it is best suited to the client’s needs.

I start each cooperation with a detailed interview with the Investor. I ask about functional, aesthetic and budget issues.

Further cooperation is split into the following stages:

  • I create several functional proposals for the designed space and a moodboard.
  • After accepting the functional layout, I prepare a 3D model and visualizations, indicating specific products and materials used in the project (with prices and references to sample stores).
  • The final stage is technical drawings for contractors and the final cost estimate.

I offer supervision over the design implementation and ongoing verification of the quality of finishing works.
I work with industry professionals such as renovation and construction teams, carpenters, glaziers, suppliers of finishing materials, as well as with furniture and lighting showrooms.