Agnieszka and Tomek's apartment

Scandinavian atmosphere
Location: Siedlce
comprehensive project, realization in progress

Agnieszka and Tomek returned to Poland after many years spent abroad. They asked me to design a flat they had previously rented, and which they now wanted to adapt to their needs. Initially, the flat was the lower floor of a 2-level flat. It was supposed to be bright and cozy, inspired by the Scandinavian style. I suggested using boho-style lighting fixtures and furniture with rattan elements.

The Investors’ priority was the maximum functionality of the kitchen, while maintaining the possibility of making home baking on request. It was necessary to use 2 refrigerators and a two-compartment sink. I suggested placing one of the refrigerators in the niche between the living room and the kitchen. Thanks to this, there is a lot of space in the kitchen for a worktop, where you can also sit down while cooking. The kitchen furniture is white (upper cabinets) and gray-blue (lower cabinets). We chose white household appliances so that, despite the lack of a window, the space seems bright.

The motif connecting the entire interior, apart from white, navy blue and blue gray, are white and wooden furniture that Tomek plans to make himself. He will also make a door with a hidden frame, which, painted in the same color as the wall, will mask the entrance to the bedroom.