Adam and Małgorzata’ s apartment

Concrete minimalism
Location: Borsucza55, Włochy, Warsaw
comprehensive project with supervision, realization planned for 2022

We started cooperation on the design of an apartment for Adam and Małgorzata a few months before the developer handed over the keys – which is, in my opinion, an ideal moment for this. From the very beginning, Adam was determined about the style of the apartment and knew perfectly well what effect he would like to achieve. Before the first meeting, he even had all his requirements listed.

The apartment has a fairly typical layout for today’s 3-room development standards. The only change in the functional layout of the apartment was the removal of the partition wall between the kitchen and the hall.

Adam’s priority was to create an easy-to-clean space – hence the lack of tiles and thus no joints. There will be a microcement floor covering the entire surface of the apartment, hanging bedside tables, a hanging TV cabinet and a sofa on legs. Level surfaces on which dust could accumulate are minimized. The lamps are mainly minimalist concrete spots and plafonds.

Investors wanted to maximize the storage space for both clothes and books – hence the spacious wardrobes in the bedroom and office. The wardrobe units in the hall are in the color of the winter sea. The walls and hidden doors to rooms and bathrooms will be painted the same color; the color continues smoothly onto the cabinets in the kitchen.

The design uses ultra-functional solutions: skirting boards inserted into the wall, numerous suspended furniture and accessories (even a soap dispenser and a toilet brush are hanging!). A cleaning robot can freely pass under the bedside tables, coffee tables and the console.

The whole apartment is very consistent in terms of materials and colors: gray, graphite, navy blue, black, with an accent of a cognac-colored armchair and sofa. The material is dominated by microcement and concrete (from which even some of the lamps will be made) and eco-leather as an easily washable upholstery.