Joanna & Peter’s apartment

A comfortable “second home” in Warsaw
Location: Zawady, Wilanów, Warsaw
comprehensive project with supervision, realization planned for 2022

Joanna was my mentor in the Business in Women’s Hands program and it was she who contributed to my decision to start my own business. So I was very pleased when, less than a year later, she asked me to design and coordinate the renovation of an investment apartment for her and her husband. Joanna and Peter wanted a comfortable second home in Warsaw, to which they would be happy to come back for a few weeks after spending months abroad.

Investors wished for a cozy bedroom and high-quality materials in the kitchen and bathroom. They wanted to integrate their works of art and design classics into the project, among others PH5 lamps, WISHBONE chairs and the so-called “Spanish armchair”.

The whole apartment is very consistent in terms of color and material. The delicate marble pattern of quartz sinter used on the countertop and inter-cabinet panel in the kitchen is repeated as a window sill in the bedroom, the gray of the lower kitchen cabinets continues on the living room wall and further on the bathroom door; the tiles used in the bathroom continue to the entrance area. The dominant colors are “salt and pepper” and natural, bleached wood, with accents of a leather sofa and navy blue curtains.