Interiors in white and wood with mint and navy blue accents
Location: Golden Space, Szczęśliwice, Warsaw
comprehensive project with supervision, realization in progress

Karolina and Damien are a Polish-Portuguese couple who appreciate high-quality products, materials and solutions. Already at the beginning of our cooperation, we agreed on the colors of the apartment and key finishing materials. The project for Karolina and Damien was to be in a minimalist, Scandinavian style, with lots of white and wooden accessories, but not boring, with color accents as well.

Investors wanted a large kitchen with a comfortable worktop and many storage cabinets. They both work remotely, so the project had to include 2 comfortable work spaces in separate rooms. Both Karolina and Damien have families outside of Warsaw, so it was important for them to be able to host 3-4 people in an apartment for a few days.

Investors were very negative about the bathroom in the apartment they are currently renting. The solutions used in it – white glossy tiles, white joints and a mirror above the bathtub combined with the lack of any storage space were on the list of what they certainly did not want in their own apartment.

The design challenge was to create a bright, bright kitchen despite the lack of a window a window directly in this space. Together, we decided that a U-shaped kitchen with a worktop overlooking the window and a table connected to a kitchen island would be the best solution. I also proposed to move the wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom by 25 cm compared to the layout proposed by the developer. As a result, the bathroom suffered just a little, what enabled to create comfortable zones in the bedroom – sleep, work and storage.